Superheroes Reimagined in Stunning Portraiture

Ever wonder what your favorite superhero or sci-fi characters would look like if they were plopped down into another time period? Sure, true aficionados will realize such reworkings are an occasional trope of the genre, primarily in “what if” or time travel stories. But never have retro superheroes been realized with such painstaking photo-realist detail as in the work of French artist Sacha Goldberger. Goldberger recontextualizes these American icons alongside fairy tale characters in a manner that invokes the techniques of 17th century Flemish painters. His work has been shown at the School Gallery Paris in a show called “Super Flemish”, where he uncannily channels the likes of Christopher Reeve’s Superman and Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman. Sacha’s good. Just ask his mom, who calls him the “best photographer in the neighborhood”(!).

Take a look here at Sacha’s droll website here:




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