Provincetown Trip, Summer 2013, w/ Ed and John


8/8/13 – Thursday: Caught the 8:15 plane from Philly to Boston; lunch and a Bloody Mary at Whiskey Priest bar next to the Trade Center; then survived the rocky ride of the express ferry to Ptown (the little girl reading books on her kindle didn’t fare nearly so well).

Boston was overcast, but Provincetown was sunny when we arrived, the docks full of people and, at Commercial Street, a hunky traffic cop busy navigating the flow.

Arrived at Marty’s house in the afternoon; John was zonked from his Dramamine, so we had a low-key evening full of catching up… and naps.

Friday: A rainy morning, but the hummingbirds are keeping busy at the new feeder Marty put in. We’re in between events at the Fine Arts Work Center, so no readings or openings this weekend, but I do hope to swing by and check out the place. Today’s goals: Screwdrivers and tea dance at the Boatslip. Keeping it simple, keeping it real.


Rainy day in Ptown… playing cards, catching up with friends…