A Milde Photo

A few weeks ago I posted about Montgomery Maxton’s Poets Project (http://poetsproject.tumblr.com) and how he asked me to be a part of it when we met with other writers for cocktails at the M Hotel’s outdoor garden. Here is a picture of that occasion.  Pictured: Karl Woelz, Kyle Conner, Brian Teare, Montgomery Maxton, and me.  This is how you survive heat waves. July 2012, Philadelphia. Someone joked we were the WMilde Boys… you’ll have to read up on gay literary salons circa 2012 to get that one…


Poets Project by Montgomery Maxton

A while back, I met Montgomery Maxton, handsomely pictured here. He’s a recent arrival to Philadelphia… a funny, talented, warm fellow. We instantly hit it off when we started attending poetry readings together. Montgomery is a National Geographic photographer and as well as a writer with some prose projects coming soon from Sibling Rivalry Press (watch for ’em!). For a while now he’s been collecting pics of poets he meets from various online sources and posting them online–a literary time capsule of our time. You can visit his growing collection here: http://poetsproject.tumblr.com

I was flattered that he had me join the collection when we met up with writers Brian Teare, Karl Woelz, and Kyle Conner recently in the green splendor of the garden at the Morris Hotel for cocktails. We had so much fun we didn’t even mind the near-100 degree Philly heat!