Speaking of Marvels: Chapbook Reviews

This week Speaking of Marvels, a site that publishes interviews by chapbook authors, published an interview with me about the creation and publication of Velvet Rodeo. Other recent interviews have include poets Danez Smith, Allison Joseph and Elizabeth Savage. For anyone interested in the creation, production, and marketing of chapbooks, the site reveals the various processes and provides sample poems by the authors. Click here to read the review: https://chapbookinterviews.wordpress.com/2015/01/16/kelly-mcquain/


Lots of shout-outs in the interview to those folks tagged.


Drawn to Marvel: New Poem and My Winning Cover Art

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A few weeks ago I learned one of my poems will appear in DRAWN TO MARVEL, an anthology of superhero poems. Minor Arcana Press also had a contest for cover art for the book. I entered that too, and my illustration won. A color version of my black and white drawing will appear as the anthology cover for the collection, due out in February 2014.

I’m a big comics fan, ever s1618688_10152209210262767_1748073505_nince my step-grandfather gave me a box of comics when I was six years old. Waaaay back in the day, while I toiled as an adjunct English teacher, I also used to illustrate comic books for a now-defunct company called Comico. The stories were written by Bill Willingham, who went on to fame writing the Fables series for DC. Through no fault of Mr. Willingham (I remain a fan), my Comico time ended up being a bad experience (the publisher folded; artwork and paychecks disappeared into the ether). With this cover, it was nice to dip my little toe back in the world of comics for a bit. Evan Peterson, the brains behind Minor Arcana, made it especially pleasurable. My thanks to him and to the editors, Bryan Dietrich and Marta Ferguson, as well as to Anne Bean, who will be designing the book and serving as colorist. If you are a fan of superheroes, poetry, or both, look for this title soon, where you will find my ode to Vampirella, the bikini-wearing superhero from Drakulon, an underground comics favorite! Get a sneak peak of the B&W artwork at this link: