Nice Mention in The Oberlin Review

A while back I posted about the book cover I drew for Kazim Ali’s Uncle Sharif’s Life in Music. Today I saw an interview with Kazim in which he gives a nice shout-out about the cover. The book is a fun, experimental mixture of stories both innocent and adult. Read the interview here.


Current projects, which are keeping me from posting much these days, include a short satirical comic about Trump’s election, some new poems, and a series of paintings I hope to blog about soon.

If you are looking for small press items or handmade goods, check out the Small Press Faire in Philadelphia coming up Dec. 3rd. I’ll be there, unofficially. Info here.



Murder Mystery on South Street!

Who is poisoning people on local college campuses? On Sunday The Philadelphia Inquirer published the first chapter of NAKED CAME THE CHEESESTEAK, a serial murder mystery I co-wrote with 12 other #PhillyWriters. Read it here. Kelly Simmons offers the first rollicking chapter… but don’t get too attached to her characters. This novel comes with a high body count.
Join us for the launch party Thursday night of this week at Tattooed Mom. 5th and South Street, 21+.
My chapter debuts online during week 6 of this fun project from Philadelphia Stories‘ book dNCTC.bookcover_WEBivision.   Each week, a new chapter will drop at the link!

Peter and Jane Learn about Satire

You really don’t want to get me started on discussing satire. Because then I will have to talk about my experience with the Best American Erotica series, Batman, and Simon & Schuster. And then I’d probably have to expand into why the Sony Bono copyright extension act is a death knell for artistic creativity. And you don’t want to hear that. You don’t. So instead, enjoy the story of this lovely pair of artists being sued in the UK. Good times!


From Miriam and Ezra Elia’s We Go to the Gallery.

Interview from Outer Space

#poetry #WeaveMagazine #napomo2014 Recently Laura E. Davis, editor of Weave literary journal and blogger at Dear Outer Space, asked me five questions as part of a mini-interview about my writing process and my new book, Velvet Rodeo. The piece is now live at her site: #sasfest

Thanks, Laura!

Saints & Sinners Festival, New Orleans May 14-18

Join me at the Saints and Sinners Festival in New Orleans May 14-18. It’s the nation’s premiere literary festival for the LGBTQ community (and their friends!). Held in the French Quarter at the beautiful Hotel Monteleone, I’ve found it a valuable way to connect and network with writers from the US, Canada, and beyond. Felice Picano, Fay Jacobs, and Edmund White will all lead master classes, among many other readings, panels and workshops. If you’ve never been to the French Quarter, you are in for a treat–because that’s where it all takes place! For a 20% discount on registration right now use the code SAS2014.