Speaking of Marvels: Chapbook Reviews

This week Speaking of Marvels, a site that publishes interviews by chapbook authors, published an interview with me about the creation and publication of Velvet Rodeo. Other recent interviews have include poets Danez Smith, Allison Joseph and Elizabeth Savage. For anyone interested in the creation, production, and marketing of chapbooks, the site reveals the various processes and provides sample poems by the authors. Click here to read the review: https://chapbookinterviews.wordpress.com/2015/01/16/kelly-mcquain/


Lots of shout-outs in the interview to those folks tagged.


Yesterday was a productive Monday…

Monday came with some good in-box news. First, the proofs for BLOOM Literary Journal came and they were perfect–copies due in October. Next, I got news that Kin Poetry Journal wants to publish my poem “Torn”. And here I thought August was going to be a lull of dog days and air-conditioned imprisonment.