Leonard Gontarek Spotlights Philly Poets Via Apiary

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pictureFriend of Poetdelphia, Leonard Gontarek, recently launched a new spotlight column on Philadelphia poets at Apiary. The man deserves kudos for getting the ball up and running for Philly Poetry Day, an amazing success this past April 12 when Philadelphians Poetdelphians took to the parks, the front porches, the libraries and the bookstores to spread their love of poetry. Check out what Leonard is up to at http://apiarymagazine.com/philly-poetry-picks-leonard-gontarek/

While we are at it, let’s sing the praises of The entire Philly Poetry Day Committee: Charles Carr, Lillian Dunn, Leonard Gontarek, Jacob Winterstein!!!



My video poem “Clockwork Heart” is up on Apiary!

Hey, my video poem is up on the Apiary website at

The video was shot by cool Apiary hive-master Nick! Nick rocks! I believe there is also an interview with me somewhere on the website, but I have yet to toggle around looking for it because this weekend is also the www/POETDELPHIA.wordpress.com inaugural kick-off, which is keeping me busy! Enjoy, and be on the lookout for more work from me this Sunday in the Inquirer’s Currents Sections where I talk about canoeing in the Pine Barrens. It’s been a great writing week!

Photo from Wikipedia Commons at http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:SteampunkPendant.jpg

Gleaner’s Cafe Video Shoot



Today I met with Nick from Apiary magazine in the Italian Market this morning to shoot a short video for my poem “Clockwork Heart”. He also interviewed me about the Philadelphia poetry scene. It should run in the next month or so. A nice start to the day! We talked about the poems inspiration and my early writing workshop experiences as a kid. It was nice to give props to my former English teachers and the Writers in the Schools workshop in WV where I worked alongside poet Angela Shaw in a class led by poet Devon MacNamara.