On the Violence in Paris: Stop the Grief Shaming

“…extend love, rather than judgment to those who are hurting…”
Nicely said. A good take on how to view the Paris attacks in relationship to violence around the globe.

Transformative Spaces

I’m saddened by some of the posts I’m seeing on social media, chastising those who are expressing love and solidarity in the wake of yesterday’s violence in France. Moments of great empathy are not a social failing. If anything, they are an opportunity to build better and expand our collective compassion. Posts that more or less amount to, “if you care about this, but didn’t post about [insert tragedy here], I’m judging you” help nothing and heal nothing.

This should certainly be a moment of greater realization. It should be a moment of understanding the connectivity of violence and certainly a moment to reflect on what society may have averted its eyes from over time – and of realizing that this and those failures are really all part of the same tragedy.

We know that racism, uneven media coverage, and the seeming constancy of some violence play into a larger…

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