Naked Came the Cheesesteak…


That next bite is MURDER! Philly friends, join me and a host of other Philly writers for the kick-off of NAKED CAME THE CHEESESTEAK, a serial murder mystery written by 13 Philadelphians for Philadelphia Stories. The novel will be serialized at their website starting in November. It’s definitely the freakiest fiction project I’ve ever been a part of.

Thursday, November 5 from 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Tattooed Mom, 530 South St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147

Join us at the launch party for “Naked Came the Cheesesteak,” a 13-chapter serial novel written by Philadelphia area writers

NAKED CAME THE CHEESESTEAK is a serial murder mystery written by 13 Philadelphians for Philadelphia Stories magazine. The idea was cooked up last winter by a handful of writers meeting over wine and chili in a Society Hill townhouse. The story centers on an intrepid Philadelphia detective trying to solve the puzzle of who is poisoning college students at campuses across the city. The novel features a huge cast of flamboyant Philadelphians:  an African-American police detective named Chelsea Simon; her bad boy restaurateur husband, Arturo; a crusty, trench coat-wearing news blogger named Ben Travers; the Nicholettis, a sprawling South Philly family with ties throughout the city; and a host of college skate boarders and scullers who get caught up in the malfeasance of the unknown serial killer.  The 13-chapter serial novel was written by Philadelphia area writers Diane Ayres, Randall Brown, Mary Anna Evans, Gregory Frost, Shaun Haurin, Victoria Janssen, Merry Jones, Tony Knighton, Don Lafferty, Warren Longmire, Kelly McQuain, Nathaniel Popkin and Kelly Simmons!

The novel will be published by the magazine’s books division, PS Books.



Trying to Teach Deep Thinking in an Age of Violence

Last week I was on lock-down with my Tuesday class at the Community College of Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Inquirer asked me to write about my personal account of the experience. Check out how gun fears, social media, SWAT teams and squirrels all collide to keep us on our toes in this fragile age we live in. The text is on the Think Tank Blog at and should appear n the print edition of the Inquirer on Sunday.

An Aphorist is Born… @SixWords

I met editor Larry Smith a few years back at a reading through a mutual friend. He’s the inspiration for the Jason Biggs’ character in Orange is the New Black. By day, he edits anthologies like Six-Word Memoirs, a series of bon mots perfect for bathroom breaks and other other moments of anguished boredom.  My #sixwordadvice is published in the new @sixwords book… THE BEST ADVICE IN SIX WORDS… but it’s been so long since I wrote it I’ll have to read the book to find out what I said!  Tweet @sixwords or reply below with YOUR best advice in #sixwords

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