Thank you, City Paper

Years ago The Philadelphia City Paper published my poem “Annabelle” and my story “Burial Game” as winners of their annual poetry and story contest. I won in the poetry category one year and the fiction category the next. That paper showed me some writerly love when I really needed it. I’m sorry to learn this week that City Paper will be ceasing print operations as of October 8th and that their online presence will be folded into, previously their chief competitor. I wrote for both papers over the years. I’m sorry to see the alternative weeklies disappearing.


Be Worried: Dangerous Poetics

What do Oscar Wilde, Horace, CA Conrad, Kenneth Goldsmith, Vanessa Place, Ted Hash-Berryman and Alfred E. Newman all have in common? Cleaver Magazine is featuring my visual essay on MOMA poet Kenneth Goldsmith and the strange state of American poetics as a back-to-school essay in their new issue. Read The Empathy Machine here and get the low-down.

A direct link to the art and text is here. Find out what makes me MAD.