Did you hear about those Two Girls in West Philly…?

My #FiveDayPoetryChallenge is coming to a close with a brand-spanking new poem newly out in the new summer issue of Philadelphia Stories. “Two Girls in West Philly Spray Their Hair into Beehives”. #PhiladelphiaStories #GoFundMe


This poem is an ode to summertime, love, hotdogs and my home city. It has always made me want to get out the sketch book, so I dashed this off this morning to accompany it, just for kicks. Maybe I’ll take a go at it with my new watercolor pencils, but it’s time for a walk in the sunshine. Jet lag kept me from getting the poem posted yesterday. I’m in California now visiting a friend on my way to the Lambda Literary Retreat. A big THANK YOU to all who have donated to my tax-free fundraising campaign! I have passed the 25% mark and am arrowing toward the 50% mark. Friday is the last day the conference organizers allow me to keep the page open. Donors can get goodies like a sketch or other artsy one-of-a-kinds, and my hope is to send more off to people than just the ones currently listed on the donor page.

If you haven’t heard, I am trying to raise about a third of my tuition and board fees for the retreat, which, combined with airfare, is substantial. Any tax-free donations that come in will get the added bonus of telepathic good karma vibes meditated your way, and perhaps some extra special goodies.

If you’d like to gain some good artistic karma, please consider making a tax-deductible donation via the Donor Page to help me or one of the other writers who has yet to meet his or her goal. Friday is the last day the organizers are allowing me to accept donations, so if you are on the fence, jump.
Sponsored by the Lambda Literary Foundation.

Much gratitude to the people who have donated so far!

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