Wistful for China

20150521-134356-49436871.jpgMy thanks to Philadelphia Stories magazine for naming my poem, “Thirst” as an Honorable Mention in their recent Sandy Crimmins contest for their Spring issue. (Meant to blog about this a month ago, but I was too swamped with teaching.) The issue is available online, but if you are in the Philadelphia area you can also find copies in coffee shops and libraries around town. I wrote “Thirst” after spending three weeks in China as a guest of the Chinese Ministry of Education the summer of 2013. I was among a handful of American educators selected to take part in, what to me, is sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime cultural exchange. I think of the trip often and I remain extremely grateful to the Americans and Chinese who made this opportunity available. On the U.S. end, I have the PhiladelphiaStoriesCoverSpring2015East-West Center to thank, a terrific institution in Honolulu dedicated to bridging cultures and fostering global relationships. (It’s also where Barrack Obama’s parents met back when they were students, and the Center likes to consider the prez as honorary son. But that’s another story.)

In other good news, I learned recently that another poem has been taken by Philadelphia Stories for their summer issue. More on that later.


Giant Buddhas at the Yungang Grottoes.


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