Edward Hirsch gave an amazing talk last night

I had the pleasure of listening to Poet Edward Hirsch talk about his new book, A Poet’s Glossary, last night at the Free Library. I can only imagine how lucky his students are. In an hour-long talk, Hirsch swept us through a global connection between poetry, folklore and cultural epics. I took three pages of notes to help start me on my journey through the 700+ page book. I had the pleasure of introducing Professor Hirsch, who is just as warm and welcoming as he is intelligent. I also got a chance to talk again to David Simpson, the blind writer who is the former poet laureate of Landsdowne. He was there with his twin brother, Dan. By chance, I had sat beside David on the long flight from Philly to Seattle for the AWP Conference earlier this year, and I enjoyed a long conversation with him (I was also impressed with how his assistance dog, a beautiful yellow Lab, was able to curl up contentedly beneath the seat in front of us the entire trip).  I also met two area writers I look forward to getting to know more through their work: Autumn McClintock who was published alongside me in an Issue of Redivider this past year, as well as the charming Ru Freeman, a novelist who calls Sri Lanka and the U.S. her home. The Visiting Author series of the Free Library is a cultural gem–a place where you can make new connections, find like-minded souls, and hear an exchange of truly great ideas. I was grateful that people complimented my introduction for Professor Hirsch, and my thanks to Andy at the Library for asking me to take part.

In a few days, the podcast for the event should be here at the Library website.



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