Resolution for Revolution

Resolution for Revolution: I’ve mostly given up using social media as a soapbox for political musings, but as 2014 gets under way, I have to wonder: Why is our government allowing the statue of limitations to pass with no prosecution of the bigwigs responsible for the country’s recent financial collapse ( Whatever happened to the energy behind the Occupy Movement? Why do we allow ourselves to live in a country where mainstream media covers Duck Dynasty controversies but won’t report on the peaceful overthrow of Iceland’s government ( )? Some days, if it wasn’t for NPR and BBC World News, I think I’d go mad.

Do things just have to get really, really worse before people tear themselves away from the electronic gadgets and pop culture panaceas the One Percent Oligarchy throw at us as a distraction? Just because we have more gizmos doesn’t mean we are working fewer hours or working more wisely. I love pop culture and art for art’s sake as much as the next person, but I also crave leaders, artists and shamans who know the lessons of history and literature and can use them as fulcrum to motivate people and launch a better future. Revolution is largely a young person’s game, and I hope tomorrow’s leaders rise up from the ashes of Occupy or some other dormant phoenix nest. Here’s hoping the remainder of this decade will bring on beneficial social change and that art will revolutionize worlds both intensely personal and globally political.

More and more, I realize what needs to be held onto is the timeless essence that hides inside the fleeting moment.

Revolution is hard work, but often non in the way we intend it to be.


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