Kestrel Pushcart Nomination for “Scrape the Velvet from Your Antlers”

Just when I needed a nice shot in the arm to tackle some new writing projects, I got some terrific news from the journal Kestrel. The editors there nominated my poem “Scrape the Velvet from Your Antlers” for the Pushcart Prize awards. The poem is the first poem in my forthcoming poetry chapbook, Velvet Rodeo, due out from Bloom press in early 2014. My thanks to the editors at Kestrel for making my day!



Poets, Self-Harm, and Textual Analysis

Here is an interesting study a student shared with me this semester. Not sure what to make of it at first glance, but I was happy to see this student look for an unusual way to contextualize a class project he is working on.

New poem in the anthology BETWEEN: New Gay Poetry

So very happy to have a poem in this new anthology, BETWEEN, edited by Jameson Currier of Chelsea Station. Jameson is a great guy–a fine fiction writer and poet whose stories, novels and poems I’ve enjoyed for some time. Chelsea Station is an independent press he runs out of New York City, responsible for the great gay-themed literary journal of the same name, Chelsea Station. You can order copies here if you like. My poem, “Memory is a Taste That Lingers on the Tongue”, is about travel and relationships with people and places, and I am grateful to Jameson that it found a home in his anthology.

From the press release:


New Gay Poetry

edited by Jameson Currier

Between: New Gay Poetry, edited by Jameson Currier, features sixty gay poets writing on relationships between men: gay men with their friends, lovers, partners, husbands, dates, tricks, boyfriends, hustlers, idols, teachers, mentors, fathers, brothers, family, teams, co-workers, relatives, and strangers.

Contributors include Frank Adams, Shane Allison, Dallas Angguish, David-Matthew Barnes, Jeffery Berg, David Bergman, Bryan Borland, Casey Charles, Philip F. Clark, Mike Cluff, Steven Cordova, Craig Cotter, Lucas Crawford, Jameson Currier, Angel Erro, David Eye, Michael Graves, Peter Milne Greiner, Benjamin S. Grossberg, Vance Philip Hedderel, James Hodgson, Walter Holland, Darrel Alejandro Holnes, Lee Houck, Richard Johns, Collin Kelley, Peter LaBerge, Daniel W.K. Lee, Raymond Luczak, Jeff Mann, Thomas March, Kevin McLellan, Rangi McNeil, Kelly McQuain, Stephen Mead , Matthew A. Merendo, Jory Mickelson, Stephen S. Mills, Michael O’Brien, William Reichard, Dennis Rhodes, Mark Travis Rivera, Ross Robbins, Steven Rydman, Jonathon Saia, Lawrence Schimel, Gregg Shapiro, Robert Siek, Christopher Soden, Phillip Gregory Spotswood, Stefen Styrsky, Shawn Syms, Yermiyahu Ahron Taub, William Sterling Walker, Jeff Walt, Scott Wiggerman, Chuck Willman, Gregory Woods, Gerard Wozek, and Francis Zachary.