Birds in Stormy Skies

Ric McCauley, my childhood friend from West Virginia, is a painter. In his new beach house, one of the first things he did was take down the old owner’s art (he and his partner bought the house fully furnished) and hung recent work of his own. Here is one of his paintings from a series on birds. I quite like Ric’s keen design sense and the scrubbed textures he manages to pull out of the acrylic washes he uses.


3 thoughts on “Birds in Stormy Skies

  1. Hi Kelly~I found this post via a web search for my old friend Ric McCauley. I went to SMC with him, and have been wanting to reconnect with him. We lost touch some years ago. Ric was from Elkins and an artist, so I am thinking this must be him! Could you tell him Amy Forsberg says hello and would love to reconnect?


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