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Publications Added!

Publication listings have been added under the header menu. I’ll try to keep them updated, but I most certainly will fall behind at some point. Oh, and an editor at one of the journals I recently published in announces the following not, below.

Meanwhile, I have grasshoppers or crickets in my yard (not sure which—is there a difference?) and it’s time to visit them and say hello over a glass of wine now that it is not so ghastly hot in Philadelphia. Do crickets turn from bright green to olive-green over the course of a summer? If so, what a way to wear out one’s clothes. I had thought my little visitors from last summer would be gone since I chopped down my silver-lace vine this spring and gave it to writer Viet Dinh. Glad to see Jiminiy Cricket and company are still here.




Transient #1 Live Online/Print Copies for Sale

My poems “Magic Washing Machine” and “Old House” are in Transient. Vol. 1.1. July 2012.

Editor Kimberly Zapata writes:

“For those who have yet to see it, Transient #1 is now live online! This issue highlights the poetry, prose, and fiction of nine different poets and authors from the Philadelphia-area and is truly a diverse collection of the many voices of the city.

“In addition to our online release, Transient #1 was also released as a limited-edition chapbook. Copies can be purchased for $7 each, and all order inquiries should be sent to (Please keep in mind that, due to stock limitations, all requests will be handled on a first-come, first-serve basis.)”


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