“Annabelle” Poem in Stone Highway Review

I got word this week that my poem “Annabelle” is in the new September issue of Stone Highway Review. You can read a PDF online or order a copy at a very affordable price. For more information: http://www.stonehighway.com/issues-and-contributors.html

The downloadable PDF (free!) is at


Yesterday was a productive Monday…

Monday came with some good in-box news. First, the proofs for BLOOM Literary Journal came and they were perfect–copies due in October. Next, I got news that Kin Poetry Journal wants to publish my poem “Torn”. And here I thought August was going to be a lull of dog days and air-conditioned imprisonment.



Penn State Arboretum

20120813-131726.jpgA trip to Penn State to visit family over the weekend necessitated a trip to the new Arboretum. It’s beautiful, in a large field near the law school. Perhaps the water lily garden was the highlight, with its pink and pale yellow flowers. We enjoyed the fountain too, as well as a shady nook over-planted with a canopy of pear-shaped gourds. A serenity pavilion overlooks Happy Valley in the distance, with a massive oak well-framed by the view. It’s worth a visit next time you are in the area. The project is only half-finished, with more gardens to come. There promises to be more each time you go.










Philly in Cinema, Circa 2012

This summer the Philadelphia heatwave was only partially caused by global warming. I think a little of it had to do with all the celebrities in town. Just a few weeks ago the Golden Palace Chinese restaurant around the corner from my house stood in for NY’s Chinatown as Colin Farrell shot scenes for a new movie there.

Days ago, the bocci court three blocks away was the site of a scene with Harrison Ford in yet another upcoming film, Paranoia. Indiana Jones is here with Liam Hemsworth and several other stars, including Richard Dreyfus and Gary Oldman. Liam brought along fiancée Miley Cyrus, and they’ve been quite the loving couple around Center City. Readers of this blog know I like to hang out at the M garden bar at the Morris Hotel–in fact, I was just there last night catching up with writer-photographer Montgomery Maxton. Evidently Liam, Miley and their pooch are staying nearby, as evidenced by these photos on M’s facebook page.
The Italian Market, my neighborhood, is also frequently used in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, naturally, as the gang’s fictitious South Philly bar is supposedly located nearby.
Suffice to say, every so often I’ll turn a corner to find equipment trucks and catering vans elbowing in among the tightly packed streets as some new scene is being shot. The Philadelphia Film Office’s tax incentive program keeps paying off big time, and I love it.
Philly has a couple film festivals throughout the year, including QFest, a leading GLBTQ film festival sponsored by TLA Video. In fact, my friend Jim Tushinski was here last month for it, screening his work-in-progress bio-documentary, Dirty Poole.

So if you live in Philly like me, keep your eyes open for the stars. If you live somewhere else, keep your eyes peeled for Philadelphia on the big screen. The next time you think you’re looking at New York or Chicago, you just might be looking at the City of Brotherly Love.

More photos at: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151005390719077&set=a.10151005390654077.431669.295889004076&type=3&permPage=1

Grasshoppers, Publications

Publications Added!

Publication listings have been added under the header menu. I’ll try to keep them updated, but I most certainly will fall behind at some point. Oh, and an editor at one of the journals I recently published in announces the following not, below.

Meanwhile, I have grasshoppers or crickets in my yard (not sure which—is there a difference?) and it’s time to visit them and say hello over a glass of wine now that it is not so ghastly hot in Philadelphia. Do crickets turn from bright green to olive-green over the course of a summer? If so, what a way to wear out one’s clothes. I had thought my little visitors from last summer would be gone since I chopped down my silver-lace vine this spring and gave it to writer Viet Dinh. Glad to see Jiminiy Cricket and company are still here.




Transient #1 Live Online/Print Copies for Sale

My poems “Magic Washing Machine” and “Old House” are in Transient. Vol. 1.1. July 2012. http://issuu.com/transienteditor/docs/transient_summer_issue1?mode=window&backgroundColor=%23222222

Editor Kimberly Zapata writes:

“For those who have yet to see it, Transient #1 is now live online! This issue highlights the poetry, prose, and fiction of nine different poets and authors from the Philadelphia-area and is truly a diverse collection of the many voices of the city.

“In addition to our online release, Transient #1 was also released as a limited-edition chapbook. Copies can be purchased for $7 each, and all order inquiries should be sent to editor@transientpublishing.com. (Please keep in mind that, due to stock limitations, all requests will be handled on a first-come, first-serve basis.)”

A Milde Photo

A few weeks ago I posted about Montgomery Maxton’s Poets Project (http://poetsproject.tumblr.com) and how he asked me to be a part of it when we met with other writers for cocktails at the M Hotel’s outdoor garden. Here is a picture of that occasion.  Pictured: Karl Woelz, Kyle Conner, Brian Teare, Montgomery Maxton, and me.  This is how you survive heat waves. July 2012, Philadelphia. Someone joked we were the WMilde Boys… you’ll have to read up on gay literary salons circa 2012 to get that one…